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Director of Photography

Flypack specs

Our flypack is our most versatile unit. It consists of multiple modular pieces allowing us construct an ad-hoc control room inside any venue.  With its smaller footprint it allows us to cover events at venues where it is impractical to use a Sprinter. It is equipped to handle 5 cameras, 2 channels or replay, 2 channels of graphics, and 16 channels of audio.

  • Newtek Tricaster 410 Advanced Addition

  • Newtek 3Play 425

  • AJT LiveBook Motion Graphics

  • Newtek Livetext 2 CG

  • Mackie 1604VLZ4 16 channel audio mixer

  • Behringer MDX4600 audio dynamics  compressor

  • 5X JVC GY-HM850U

  • Swit S-4904T wireless video system

  • ST Fiber

  • DT12 Audio snake

  • Portacom 2 PL channel intercom system

  • Annoucer talkback boxes

  • Tripp-lite UPS system

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